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When you hear the word “Love at first Sight”, many things flash in our mind – Is ‘love at first sight’ true? Is it possible? Is it possible to look at someone and get a feeling that you two will be together forever? It has been seen in studies that men are more prone to falling in love immediately than women, as they are more stimulated by visual appeal and women, usually fall in love with someone after the first conversation.

Love at first sight is a highly romantic concept and just because your glance hits hard doesn’t mean it lasts long. Sometimes it is as simple as meeting someone for the first time, falling head over heels in love with them and spending a lifetime together! Love does not have to be complicated. Love does not have to be challenging. Sometimes, love is just right. Sometimes, loving another human being is so very natural.

Here are some important signs that show that you are in love at first sight:

You will feel happy and can’t take your eyes off them

If being with him makes your eyes sparkle and your heart skip a beat then it is love at first sight for sure. You would feel as if some kind of force is pulling you both together. The dopamine released in the brain make you feel sleepless, restless, full of happiness and make you think about your lover.

You get completely distracted with the same thought

You can’t really think of anything else but only the person you are attracted to. Thoughts about them would be tirelessly running around in your mind and you can’t work, remember things or focus on other interests.

You will feel a strong emotional connection

You will feel a strong emotional connection after the first meet and will feel as if you have known each other better in three days than you have ever known someone else in a lifetime.

You trust your love

Love is trust and psychologically people trust in how confident you are when you see your love for the first time. You would feel to let them know everything about yourself.

When you know you are falling in love, the way you look at the world and experience life can change in a moment.  In some cases love at first sight may lead to a happy and long-term relationship. But you also have to be aware of the dangers of blindly following your instincts.

What do you think – falling in love at first sight makes you lose your senses?


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