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What People Are Saying:

"The book is an eye opener for me. After reading this book, I realized what I've been doing wrong in my relationship. I strongly recommend this book. A very interesting and inspirational read. This book is motivating, uplifting and it really makes you think about changing your life."


"You will find everything you will need to change your life in an ultimately positive way within these pages. The exercises helped me to understand my repeated patterns and accept me for me. Most importantly, how to change my own perspective to change what I receive in life."

H. Jacobs

"Thank you for helping me to come up with my list. I never noticed that my perfect partner is right in front of my eyes until I did that exercise. In 2 weeks after I did your work we started going out. He resembles my list so much that it's incredible!"


"As I read the first Chapter of your book, Love Is Here, I was very surprised as I felt as if the book was written specifically for me. You understand what I've been through! Thank you for everything."


So What's The Book About?

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About The Author

Marrilyn S.H. Tong is the book author of Love Is Here: How to find love and date the perfect man in 3 months (or less), lives in Byron Bay, Australia and was born in Singapore. She was offering design and counselling advices on in 2000, and throughout the years of her adulthood she gained interests in self-development, alternative healing and went on to learn Reiki healing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Landmark Forum, Life Coach Training lessons plus a few more techniques from various healers and coaches. Passionate about helping people achieve their dreams, Marrilyn has helped many people to find the love of their lives and happiness. Check out Marrilyn's website at