Difference Between Self Love And Self Esteem

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Self love and Self esteem are different. Of course they are built from similar factors and they are different aspect of the way you view and treat yourself.

Self-esteem is defined as the evaluation we ascribe to the image we have of ourselves. It is a ‘state of fair weather’: As long as things run smoothly, it is easy to develop and present a high self-esteem. But if setbacks and strokes of fate have to be coped with, self-esteem easily drops. Good self-esteem is feeling good about you in positive. Your self-esteem is an assessment of your self-worth; how much or little are you of value to yourself and to others? We usually like people with a high self-esteem – people who are happy, non-needy and selfless in listening to and helping others.

Self-love, in contrast, is defined as the all-embracing acceptance and boundless love of ourselves. It is an overall self-acceptance of who you are as a person, despite flaws, that creates an inner desire to take good care of you and focus on what makes you happy. How you feel about yourself has a lot to do with how others feel about you. In order to have loving relationships with others we must have loving relationships with ourselves. It’s good to think well of yourself but not to a point where you think you’re better than some people. What you need to realize is that it is not possible to enjoy abundance of any form if you lack self-love.  The vibration of abundance is love.  Love has creative power.  It creates everything that you see around you.  Manifesting abundance can only begin with loving yourself.

When you integrate the self-esteem you may have in one area of your life, it can blossom into strong self-love. Love it all—the good way you handle yourself sometimes—and the times you’re not as good as you felt. We all have our own flaws in one way or other way. True self-esteem and self-love both include self-acceptance. Then you can have good self-esteem and strong self love!


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